I think Elon Musk is absolutely right when he says that “AI will become an immortal dictator“. I just don’t understand why we are so keen on making ourselves redundant and it seems like all the sensible people have given up and left everything to the introvert, socially challenged nerds. We let them move on with artificial intelligence, IoT, killer robots, etc.

Why are we so stupid?

Why don’t we say stop? At least loud enough to actually make a difference. Are we really so naive that we think we can get the toothpaste back into the tube if it becomes too much.

I am tired of listening to these socially challenged nerds when they try to come up with a sensible reason for why their venture is a great thing for humanity.

If we think they are just harmless IT nerds we have to rethink because they are not. They are easy fools to train to serve the people who have a desire to gain dominance politically, economically, technologically and militarily.

We should never have let them out!