Dating sites are free – right? – Well no

We have become used to free services. Social media profiles are free but still, the companies behind them are making a lot of money. How can that be? Alphabet, the company behind Google has just been values more than 1 Trillion US Dollars. Their most important asset is your information, which you give away for free. They earn their money partly from advertisers and partly from selling information about you to third party companies who can use that information for targeted marketing.

Most dating sites are no different. They tempt you with free profiles. What do you have to lose? Everything. Many dating sites who are trying to lure information out of you have a lot of fake profiles and some of the have robots pretending to be users that send you messages if you haven’t logged in for a while. It is easy getting the feeling of being betrayed and exploited. If something is free for you – you can be sure that you are the product. When we started Educated Singles it came as a shock to us how rotten many parts of this industry is. Numerous organisation were trying to sell us fake dating profiles for our site so it looked like we had millions of users just a month after we launched The Educated Singles Club. No need to say more

Educated Singles was created with a very different model

In light of how many social media and dating sites who have misused the user’s private information Educated Singles has been created with a very different business model.

First of all – Educated Singles is not a traditional dating site. It is a club, where people can meet for networking, socialising and of course dating. Members need to have at least a masters degree in order to join. There is a rigid identity and academic credential check before a new member is accepted. It is for instance required that you have a LinkedIn profile. The member administration checks the validity and quality of your LinkedIn profile. Educated Singles can also ask for further ID validation or validation of the photos the user has uploaded during the application process.

All that is done because we want to be absolutely sure that the people who have profiles in The Educated Singles Club are who they pretend to be. 

Educated Singles has no free profiles. 

CEO Finn Majlergaard says “It is an honest and transparent business model. Like most other clubs the members pay a fee for the membership. And the fee is used to cover the cost and develop services for the members”

Having no free profiles is an effective way of eliminating fake profiles. We compare the name on the payment with the name on the profile. And fake profiles is a key concern for well-educated singles when they consider joining an online community. It is a segment that is more concerned and aware than most other segments and for a good reason. 

Educated Singles doesn’t share information with anyone, not even statistics about who visits the site. Most websites use a tool called Google Analytics, which gives the owner the opportunity to see who is visiting the site, how long they stay and where they are coming from. But since it is a free tool for website owners, Google gets all that information too. Educated Singles doesn’t use that tool.

Finn Majlergaard: “When we launched Educated Singles we were offered thousands of fake profiles we could feed into the system. I was quite shocked by that. I didn’t know it was that organised. Even more shocking was the price they asked for thousands of fake profiles. It was incredibly low, which means they must have a lot of customers.”

Visit Educated Singles  to learn more about what the club has to offer and join if you are a well-educated single with at least a masters degree.


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