When it comes to online dating, apps like Tinder seem to dominate the market. But that type of app is not for everybody.

Well-educated singles, in particular, want a very different approach to connecting. They are also clever enough to understand that free profiles are anything but free. These two factors were the motivation behind the creation The Educated Singles Club several years ago.

To join The Educated Singles Club, you must have at least a master’s degree and a LinkedIn profile, so that your academic credentials and authenticity can be verified. The segment of professional singles who join a club like that for elite singles knows very well that many dating sites are filled with fake profiles. It was therefore paramount from the very beginning that we could guarantee each member that all the fellow members were real people and that they were who they claim to be.

Free is anything but free

The educated singles are also well aware that when something is advertised as free, it usually means that you are the product. When you sign up for a free service you can be confident that the information you give will be sold to a 3rd party. The Educated Singles Club decided to go with a much more honest and transparent approach from the very beginning.

There are no free profiles. In fact, The Educated Singles Club is not a dating site, but a club, where you pay a membership fee. Just like you do in any other club. In return, your privacy is guaranteed and your information is not passed on to a 3rd party and the club does not receive any form of commission for promoting products or services to its members.

And the members of The Educated Singles Club seem to appreciate that unique, transparent business model. In a recent survey among the members, 92% said that this business model was a determining factor for them when deciding to join the club.

More than just dating for elite singles

Although The Educated Singles Club is exclusively for well-educated singles it doesn’t mean that all members have joined with dating as the main purpose. Many of educated singles are perfectly happy with being single, but they will like to enjoy the companionship of like-minded people for networking, travelling, evening outs, etc. When the connection and perhaps mutual attraction has happened on an intellctual and professional level then emotions might start to evolve.

In The Educated Singles Club, there is time to develop a proper relationship. Sometimes it stays as a friendship or professional relationship, and sometimes it develops into something more romantic.

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